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Need legal advice?

Involved in a dispute?

Have you been summonsed?


Then you have come to the right place for expert advice!


Lexetera Lawyers supports and advises both private and commercial clients in their search for satisfactory legal outcomes.


We guarantee you availability at short notice so that your situation can be quickly analysed and give you a sound opinion without delay.

In doing so we look for solutions that are both practical and feasible.

Together we can find a concrete solution for your concerns.


We make every effort to communicate openly with our clients and after giving our opinion we remain at your disposal for any further questions and clarifications you may require.


We also apply our transparent communications policy to the way we bill our expenses and fees.

When you first come to see us you will receive an estimate of the services you are likely to need and the costs these entail.

You will of course be able to count on receiving a detailed breakdown of all the costs and services we perform on your behalf.


Apart from the foregoing you may come to us for all disputes that occur in the wider European context.

Lexetera Lawyers is a member of TEN (The European Network), an association of lawyers from all over Europe. This ensures that you can receive a high quality opinion with a minimum of delay. If you are obliged to pursue a court case in another country, you will be immediately referred to the foreign legal firm we have a successful relationship with.


Our strong suits: experienced lawyers, flat structure, uncomplicated personal contact, and close to the client.


Lexetera Lawyers provides legal services in most areas of the law.




The billing of our fees is an entirely transparent process.


The fee is calculated either according to an hourly rate or to a value rate.


During the first consultation we shall discuss which of the two methods ought to be applied. You have the last word in this choice.


Apart from the fee, there are also expenses to be paid. These consist of general office expenses and the costs specific to your case that the firm advances on your behalf.


Unless indicated otherwise the quoted rates are exclusive of VAT.


In principle we ask you to settle your bills in monthly instalments. Under this system we send you a bill for the hours worked on your case during the previous month. Using this method ensures you will never be embarrassed by an unexpected invoice.