Hourly rate

The hourly rate is discussed with you. It depends on various factors, including the value of the case, the degree of urgency, the required degree of specialization, the difficulty of the case and the result.  

Value-based rate

For the calculation of the value of the case we take account of the principal claimed and the interest.


The following percentage fees are applied:

-    on the tranche from 0 to 6,700 euros: 15%

-    on the tranche from 6,700 euros to 100,000 euros: 10%

-    on the tranche in excess of 100,000 euros: 5%


These percentage rates apply regardless of whether our firm acts for the defendant or the plaintiff.





Office expenses


These comprise the costs of the building,  our personnel, library, ITC services, correspondence and so on. We charge them at the rate of € 10 (ex-VAT) per letter.

Specific expenses


These include the cost of opening the dossier, travel, translations, database searches, the expenses of judicial officers and the clerk of the court, etc. We pass these on to you at cost.



Professional Liability


The professional liability of lawyers is insured by means of a collective policy agreed by the Bar Association of the lawyers at the Antwerp Bar.


This professional liability policy provides cover throughout the world subject to the clarifications and exceptions set out in the civil liability policy for lawyers.


The professional liability of lawyers is limited to the amount indicated in aforementioned policy.


A copy of the policy will be supplied upon your first request.