Corporate and business law


  • Assistance with customer and supplier problems
  • Drafting and checking contracts and conditions of sale
  • Advising on the incorporation of companies
  • Advising on internal company affairs
  • Support and advice with respect to labour and employment law problems

Contract Law


  • Support and advice on residential and commercial rents
  • Assistance with declarations of unsuitability or unfitness for habitation
  • Apartments in co-ownership
  • Support and advice on contracts
  • Counsel in legal proceedings

Family Law


  • Divorce procedures and the settlement and liquidation of the joint estate
  • Advice on marriage (prenuptial) and cohabitation agreements
  • Counsel in proceedings before the Juvenile courts
  • Advising on estate planning and inheritance questions
  • Advising on post-divorce problems (maintenance contributions, child access rights)


Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings


  • Defence counsel as of the first police interview, during pre-trial detention, and in the

         proceedings before the criminal court, as well as in the context of the sentence.

  • Assistance to victims in the follow up of the preliminary investigation to the final

         claim for compensation.

  • Defence before the traffic offences court


Contracting Law


  • Legal assistance for principals, architects and contractors in the event of dispute
  • Assistance with proceedings and court-ordered surveys


Insurance and liability law

  • Advice and assistance for insurer – insured problems
  • Advice and assistance for loss and compensation further to error or negligence

Transport Law (carriage by road)


  • Assistance for principals and carriers in the event of loss


Road Traffic Law


  • Assistance and defence when summonsed before the Traffic Court
  • Assistance for victims of traffic offences
  • Assistance with claims involving discussions about liability
  • Assistance with compensation for physical injury, invalidity, death, etc.